Do you want to give your pre-loved items another chance at love by selling or consigning with us? We'll help you find a new home for your old items and make sure they get the best chance they can get! 
Consignment Tips
We put care and expertise in selecting your items. In order for us to effectively review your items, please bring them to us in good condition:
  • Clothing items should be freshly laundered or dry cleaned.

  • Clothing items should be fresh smelling, no smoke, mothballs or home odors.

  • Please bring your items on hangers. We do not accept items in garbage bags or boxes.

  • Bring your items seasonally! In January - July, we accept Spring/Summer items. In July - December, we accept Fall/Winter items.

Pricing and Payment
All items are priced by our trained staff.  Our goal is to get you the most cash possible!
  • The consignment period is approximately 90 days

  • Consignors receive 50% of the selling price.

  • Once your items sell, you will receive a check the following month for purchases over $25. Anything under will be store credit.

  • You may call us anytime to check your balance! 


✳ Ladies sizes 0 – 14     ✳ Plus Sizes 16-26     ✳ Juniors Sizes 0-13     ✳ Shoes, Handbags, Scarves, Belts, and other accessories.

Brands that we do not accept: 

Monica’s Boutique and Consignment is unable to accept the following brands due to their initial prices; therefore we are not able to consign it at a reasonable or profitable price. We will continually update this list. Click here.


Email us at for inquiry.